Hosting Tips: Seasonal Spring Brunch Edition

Hey! So it's Spring is here in full fling! I am LOVING all these wildflowers and this beautiful weather. It makes me want to have a brunch party so bad! Camille Styles shared these awesome Spring Brunch Tips on her Blog, and I wanted to share these amazing tips with you! 


1. Keep it Simple!

It's really easy to get stressed out by a thousand tiny details. A general rule of thumb is that you should try to keep a lot of neutral, classic pieces, then spice it up with a few eccentric pieces that keep the detail factor going! 


2. Choose a Color Palette

This goes hand-in-hand with the simplicity rule. Keep one color scheme, and everything will fall into place! The only hard part about this is finding one color scheme. Personally, I like to find one item I really like and then choose a palette based off of that, THEN go shopping for the rest. 


3. Let the Season Inspire You!

Not only are the seasonal foods cheaper, but they also totally add to the Spring vibes! Embrace the season, and your inspiration will come naturally! 


4. Bring in Natural Elements!

Again, this REALLY brings in the whole Spring theme, and it also makes things feel fresh! And you know me. I LOOOOOVE flowers. Put flowers on the table, put flowers along the walls, put flowers on the centerpiece, put flowers EVERYWHERE! They never go out of style! 


5. Get Menu Inspiration from the Season!

Now is the perfect time to get out those fresh strawberries and yummy carrots! Spring is such a fun season to play with seasonal fruits, veggies, and flowers! Mix and match! Shopping in-season gives your whole brunch a sort of Farm-to-Table feeling. Who doesn't love that kind of freshness?!


Send us your Spring Brunches! I hope you're inspired! :)

           XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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