Hosting a Pizza Party? I got you covered!

Pizza Party Perfection

We all gotta host a pizza party here and there... Whether or not you ordered a pizza or made one homemade, I have some perfect party touches that will make your little at home pizza party a hit!!


Now this can be perfected this fall by the fire or even in the backyard with your friends! 

I mean lets be real.... Pizza parties happen year round- at least at my house FOR SURE!! (especially with my little girls, pizza is the easiest way to make them happy)



This is the perfect thing to do as an at home date night, family time, or inviting the whole gang over for a super fun family and friends get together! 

Now as unhealthy as we all know that pizza is... (but we all don't really care right?! Haha!!!) I always like to throw together a nice little salad that can compliment the pizza!



This is a great way for you to have more than just pizza to eat, AND makes you eat less pizza (because I really don't need all those calories.... I know I am preaching to the choir right ladies??)

Also... what is a better combo than bringing some champagne into the mix! This is perfect to wrap up the week with relaxing night with some pizza and champagne! Im totally down for it! 


I hope that next time you have a pizza party, regardless of the crowd, that you enjoy my little tips and that it perfects your pizza party night :-)

Darbie Angell

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