Hey Hey :-) 10 Things That You May Not Know About Me

Hey!  An editor just wrote and asked me to tell them a few things that you others may not know about me.  I have 2 TOTALLY different sides.  I love to dress up but when I really get down to it I am a total tomboy ...still... 
  1. I raised lambs...Yes like real lambs that say bahhh!  My favorite lamb was named Fabio. 
  2. Think I grew up living in my swimsuit.  We were always on the water and I think the trend is continuing into adulthood.  
  3. I was a complete tomboy growing up!  Couldn't stand Barbies or anything pink!
  4. My favorite color now is pink :)
  5. My hair is naturally curly!  Like EXTREME curl...No lie!
  6. I had a fear of public speaking that was so severe that I finagled my way out of every single critique in college. CRAZY thing is one of my favorite things now is public speaking!!  
  7. I am a free spirit.  Ok you might have already known that...
  8. I LOVE Wake Surfing! Well really anything on a boat BUT love to surf with the music up! 
  9. I grew up riding horses and looking forward to having one soon! I actually thought I was going to be a professional barrel racer.  CRAZY!  Turns out the barrels really never stayed up when I was near them :-) Still love to ride though!
  10. I did everything growing up from cheerleading, cross country, track, powerlifting (until I realized I loved food too much) showed sheep, judged horses, western riding and played the saxophone and played the piano (you can do anything when in a small country school)!


Darbie Angell

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