He Loves Me... Love Languages

Love languages are the key to anyone’s heart and differ by the way we both receive and communicate our love to others and to ourselves. Maybe you planned an extravagant date for you and your significant other and it fell flat, or prepared an epic birthday party for your little one only to find out it just wasn’t what they imagined. Doing something kind for someone you care about can be special, but sometimes it’s hard to realize that the way you say “I love you” might differ with what a significant other or child had in mind. 
That is why FTD has put together a helpful guide on the five love languages and 25+ love language ideas you can use on a significant other, your child, or even yourself! Try taking you and your partner’s dog for a walk if they prefer acts of service, or reading through your favorite quotes if you enjoy words of affirmation. These and others can be found below, so you can find out what love language works for you and your loved ones. 
Shoutout again to FTD for this awesome info on love languages. I hope this makes your Valentines' Day even better!!!

Darbie Angell

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