Guilt-Free Salmon Poke Bowl

Okay so in Austin, it seems like there's a thousand poke bowl places, and up until recently, I had absolutely NO idea what a poke bowl even was. 


Poke (POH-keh) is Hawaiian for sliced or cut, and a poke bowl is simply a bowl of sliced fish mixed with greens and topped with anything under the sun! You can put just about anything in them, making it a SUPER easy-going office lunch :-)


So I was coming back from Philly from my last QVC gig, and I was absolutely STARVING so I found a poke place in the airport to give poke a try.








These things are AMAZING!!! I can't believe I have gone this long without having them in my life!!! 

They're SUPER delicious ANDDDDD you don't even have to feel guilty for pigging out because it's basically lean meat, greens and fruit! (WHAAATTT?)



Anyway. Now I am TOTALLY hooked and I decided to try out making one of my own. It turned out SO beautifully that I had to take a picture!... And of course whenever I set out to take "one picture," it ends up being 10,000...


But anyway, I wanted to show you my salmon poke bowl and summer rolls served up in my Pink Potter's Wheel collection, accented with my new favorite floral collection, You Make Me Blush!





And of course, you can't forget shrimp summer rolls :-)



Baby's breath and some greenery because flowers make everything EVEN BETTER!!!!




Yields enough for 1. Perfect for work lunches, though I suggest keeping the salmon in a separate sealed container and pouring it on with the soy when you're ready to eat!

Prep time: 7 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes (depending on rice)



1/4 cup sliced salmon (read to eat!)

1 cup sticky rice 

1 cup lettuce or your favorite greens :-)

1/4 cup sliced mango

1/4 cup lima beans

1/4 cup diced avocado

1/8 cup red cabbage


Soy based sauce or plain soy sauce for pour over

Pinch of sesame seeds




Cook rice as package reads. Strain and let cool in the fridge until uniformly chilly. Chill cubed salmon at the same time. 

Prepare produce and soy sauce while you wait.

In a medium sized bowl, pour in the rice, then lettuce. Using a large wooden spoon to hold ingredients in place, begin pouring in other ingredients individually to keep things separate long enough to take a photo for instagram ;-)

Sprinkle on sesame seeds and pour on soy sauce. Enjoy!!!







Darbie Angell

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