Garden Party!!

Garden Party Essentials

MOVING ONWARD into the fall, my favorite kind of party to throw every year is a garden party!! May sound a little different, but trust me it is one of the prettiest parties I've ever thrown!!




Here are some things to add to your Garden Party to make it PERFECT:

1. Flowers, Flowers, and MORE flowers... Basically it should be overflowing with flowers (this is my favorite part of the whole party!!)

2. Make a Mix and Match Cocktail bar... Add all sorts of citrus juices with clear sprits and also fun garnish!! My favorite thing is to add in edible flowers to EVERYTHING. Drinks included :-)

3. Dress up your ice bucket.... Yes, you read that right!! This is one of the pretty touches that I get the MOST compliments on!



4. Use little mini bouquets at everyone's placemat!! This is a simple touch that people love to see, and you can even let them take that home as a party favor!! My girls and I go out to the fields and pick wildflowers for these. We have SO much fun doing it!



5. Create a sign out of foliage! This is not an easy task... but TOTALLY worth it if you take the time to do it!! This makes the perfect picture taking spot and also makes you look like a decoration expert :-)


6. Here is the PERFECT appetizer idea.... Soak grapes in PROSECCO! Because I mean when is Prosecco not a good idea?! UHHH never. Roll them in granulated sugar when you finish if you have a sweet tooth! This will turn into a party favorite within minutes!



 This is definitely one of my favorite parties that I try to host every year!! My friends and families love all of these ideas that I try to use and I always try to add a little different touch every year to make it new and fun! 


If you decide to create your own perfect little garden party please share with me in the comments about how it goes and how much your guests like these little details! :-)



Darbie Angell

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