Friends Don't Let Friends Quit...Coffee

OK so our dear Bridget always comes to work with a full cup of coffee and she doesn't let it out of her grasp until her mug is dry!  Well...until last week...

Monday- She shows up with Orange Juice.  I don't think much of it but am slightly worried that a.) she may be getting sick???  b.) she is trying to quit coffee....nahhhhh who would do that! 

Tuesday- Bridget shows back up without her coffee cup and again with ORANGE JUICE!  I am really worried now!  I decide as a good friend to ask if she is feeling ok.  She replies yes and that's when I asked the hard questions.  Then why aren't you drinking your coffee???? Her response was heartbreaking...She was trying to quit!!!!!!  As a fellow coffee indulger/addict whatever you would like to label me... this is just wrong and extremely concerning. 

Wednesday- She shows back up with her "Juice".  I offered to give her a cup of coffee but was rejected.  That afternoon she had an appointment and I told the team let's surprise her with a drink to cheer her up.  I asked Rebekah what she thought would cheer her up and Rebekah replied anything but coffee.  BRILLIANT!  COFFEE!  We pulled through getting her a Tall Iced Coffee with Cream and Classic Syrup and dropped it off for her.  Not knowing if she actually drank it we (I) was ready to see her the next day.

Thursday - She came to work with her mug.....AHHHHHHHH...All is well in the world of our tribe of coffee addicts!

Don't worry Bridget I totally have your back!  It is full of antioxidants, helps fight liver disease, diabetes...must I keep going...The drink is basically like the fountain of youth served to you in cute mugs every morning!  

XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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