Friends Don't Let Friends Go to the Bathroom Alone...They Also Enlist Mother Theresa's Dr and Suites For You:-)

OK well there are just some times in life that will remind you ...well force you to stay humble. One of those times is when you are sick.  Especially when you are hospitalized.  

SO...There is this stunning man named Stephen Cardino.  I met him 10 years ago although he doesn't remember the first time.  I was in a mtg with the head of Macy's when Stephen waltzed (ok strutted) into my showroom.  Everyone came to a halt and said oh there is Stephen.  He was dashing.  Still remember 10 years later what he was wearing.  AND if you know Stephen well...he's ALWAYS stunning!  I thought to myself I must know who this man is that can stop top execs in their tracks. 

So fast forward a few months and I got invited to a Trend Forecast for the industry.  Who was presenting!?! STEPHEN who is the Chief of Fashion for Macy's!!!  OMG guys he is a hilarious!  I have met a lot of executives in my life but he is the wittiest one I have ever met.  He can turn a business meeting into a comedy session and when it comes to trends I haven't met anyone that is SO on top of what is coming up as he is!

I am beyond blessed that while I looked up to him in business as a mentor in fashion and an executive to model myself after I am even more blessed to call him a friend that I started running through life with. Who I also take shopping and the things that I want he tells me are vulgar (Just thinking he is trying to help me save money?!? surely).  I really wanted that purse but he said no....Also YES we always match outfits...on accident...ok we will go with that....I've also tried to encourage him to have a margarita before shopping but that also didn't help my case when browsing. 



SO lets fast forward 9 years...I am sick in NYC. SO sick that I have canceled my meetings and am stuck in the hotel room. I called Rebekah around 11pm and told her I think I may have to ago to the hospital but its so late and I really don't want to go alone. Thankfully right after I said that Stephen beeped in.  He had started by saying I just felt like I needed to call you and when I told him I wasn't well he said baby (he's taken by a hot guy named Zander...dreamy) I'm on my way.  He and Zander showed up not even 10 minutes later and literally carried me out of the hotel lol...yep...the Chief of Fashion is carrying me in my pj's out of the hotel and into the hospital. 

At the same time as that Lester had been alerted and had found me the best Dr in NYC.  Same Dr that saved Mother Theresa's life...Yep THE Mother Theresa as you can read on the article behind him. My life is not normal....



SO I am so sick I can't even walk to the about being humbled. Stephen carried me to the bathroom over and over all night (YA tell me that isn't humbling)...and slept in the hospital bed in the hallway until he became my best advocate and decided I needed to make a break and get a corner suite.  



(Zander was sweet enough not only to take this photo but to photoshop us...I looked ROUGH)


SO Stephen goes and insists on touring the hospital and finds a suite that is nicer than any hotel room I have stayed in.  I am still not sure but I think he might have kicked a patient out to get me the room.  lol... Poor person...Lucky me...

Not only did it have floor to ceiling windows but it also had a conference table and I was able to conduct meetings all day in my room for the week...My Dr LOVED me (semi sarcastic)...He said something about me being too strong willed to lay down...Not really sure of the exact words only remember his frustration.  He ended up sitting in on some meetings and even decided he may start traveling with me to Bangladesh. :-) WINNING!!!



YES thats my hospital room view :-) Can I go back!?!

I am beyond blessed to have this man in my life! Hope you all have a friend that has your back no matter what comes up in life!!!!  



Staying Humble My Friends! 




Darbie Angell

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