Fresh Flowers!?! Why I Can't Go Without!

Walking through the Flower Market on Sunday my arms were FULL of blooms. Everyone kept asking about my event hahaha... my response was the same over and over... No event, I LOVE fresh flowers and I can't be without them in my home.  One woman even paused and then said she would have never thought to buy them for herself.  Personally, I think that is a very sad thought!  Why wait to have something that brings you joy if you can bring it to yourself!?!?  I mean it's even better if someone sends them unexpectedly but again, why wait :-) 

Now let's talk favorites!!!  

The Peony is by far my favorite flower!!! The colors, the smell but most of all because in the beginning the bud seems small and nondescript, but as soon as her petals begin to unfold, layer upon layer, open wider and wider. Very soon you have a most delicate-looking, lush flower, wide open and on display, wafting her intoxicating scent throughout your space.



For such a gentle-looking creature, she is unashamed to boast her fragrance far and wide.  Yep I know...crazy...and yes I just said that but its SO true!!! Counting down the days till Peonies fill the market!!! Better believe these arms will be full of them soon :-)


Darbie Angell

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