Floral Wedding Cakes!!! Ft. FTD Fresh

Flowers are one of the BEST ways to decorate your wedding, especially when it comes to the cake! From classic flowers like roses and dahlias to exotic additions such as passionflowers and succulents, there are plenty of different types of flowers to truly make a wedding cake stand out. 
That’s why FTD created these mood boards to show you the best flowers for wedding cakes. Each visual features a stunning cake along with its featured floral elements. For an elegant look, use a variety of roses to create a cascading arrangement of ombre colors that will be sure to impress. If you’re more of a modern bride, sea holly and seeded eucalyptus combine to create a stylish cake that will wow your guests. Check out the visuals below and get inspired!
I just LOVE these pinks! I could totally see these at not only a wedding, but also at a shower! 
This one is just so perfect! I want this in my dining room right now!
I love the succulents in this one! 
I think this one might be my favorite-- it's too hard to pick on though! I love the bright pops of color. All about color!
GOLD LEAF! I absolutely LOVE gold leaf! It's gold and with succulents! Two of my favorite things!
So pretty! And hey! Eucalyptus! This is just SO neat. 
Special thanks again to FTD Fresh for the photos. Check out their website for some killer arrangements and more floral fun! :) 
    XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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