Favorite Summer Styles!

WOW! It's getting hot out there. Especially in the Texas heat! Days like this make me want to run away to NYC. 

Buuuuut, aside from the Summer cocktails, there are some perks of the warm weather. Like pulling out all the summertime clothes from the back of your closet! It's so fun to rediscover everything when the seasons change!

Okay so I'm getting pretty excited about flipping my closet, and now I need some inspiration to get me back into the summer mindset. NATURALLY, I went to Pinterest to help me find the perfect outfit to stay stylish and cool. 

And hey!!!! I completely forgot about my Summer Clothes board until now. That was a sweet surprise :) Here's some inspiration I found from Pinterest!



You've GOT to love this printed maxi dress! I love the flowiness! 


I'm really loving this kind of classic vibe mixed with a beachy relaxation. Cute and comfy! 



Vintage! YAS! Loving the stripes and these bell bottoms really work in this ensemble.





More stripes!!! I just love how these breezy striped pants make your legs look super long. They'd go AWESOME with some beachy wedges, don't you think? Loving this look!!!


I think I'm kind of developing a stripe addiction. Can you tell? ;)

If you want more style (and not just stripes), follow me on Pinterest! 


              XOXO - Darbie



Darbie Angell

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