Favorite Summer Settings!



Summer is such a fun time for outdoor parties!

... Well, maybe not if you live in Texas, but if you can find a way to beat the heat, or if you have a breezy room full of windows, you can still pretend that you're drinking mint juleps on a porch! 

The funnest part about Summer dining is the fun you can have with the colors on the table! Summer is a great time to embrace those bright bold prints and really get into your table decor. 

Martha Stewart has some KILLER ideas on how to decorate for those Summer dinner parties. I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you now! 



I can't get enough of this cobalt blue! The deep shades of blue mixed with the greens from the herbs on the table give this set up the perfect amount of color.



I love the contrast between the pink of the table cloth and the greens from the mint in these refreshing mint juleps!



REDS! Bold reds are so much fun to work with. This is a neat way to pull off a setup. You start with one solid, then pick out the plates and decor based on shades of that same color with varying hues. 



This is a more calm setup as far as summer table settings go. It feels beachy because of the blue stripes, and it maintains a mature tone to it because the colors are bright, but contrast well.



In contrast, look at this beautiful bright punch!

I love photogenic drinks! Check out the recipe for this amaretto-bourbon punch here!



Soak up the Summer while you still can! 

XOXO - Darbie





Darbie Angell

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