4 False Beliefs stopping You from becoming a Killer Boss Lady


You are P O W E R F U L. You are strong, you are capable, you are AMAZING. 

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise... not even yourself! 


By having a will, you were granted the superpower of having passion. That passion is what sets apart the ordinary from the extraordinary. Every successful CEO, superstar and go-getter started out with a dream. 



And that's why YOUR DREAM matters. You can become that whatever you want in life. You've got it within you! And I want you to make that inner dreamer

S H I N E. 


So let's walk together. 


Let's keep our heels and our chins high as boss women. Let's make YOU happen.



But first, a few things.

There are SO many women out there who hold back on these dreams because of a few false beliefs that play through their heads. 

Don't get me wrong, these thoughts are SO easy to fall victim to. These are the kind of thoughts that we have to fight against possibly for the rest of our lives. It's not easy, but once you get the ball rolling you'll be so exhilarated by the experience... that you'll never want to stop!!!


So let's conquer the ropes that tie us back!


1. We should be liked by everyone

Nope nope nooooooope. 



This has tied me in knots again and again. As a chronic born people-pleaser, this is something that I am 100% guilty of. 

Feeling the need to help others and make others is GREAT. Nobody ever failed because they had a good heart. 


There are some ground rules you need to face before you go out and kick butt in the world. 


You don't need to be liked by everyone


As sad as it is to think of it this way, there are people out there who have different approaches to life and people who will not endorse your success. These people may be jealous of your success or angered by you when you try your best. 

I don't judge these people. I think they haven't been blessed by the personal growth you and I have as go-getters running towards a passionate goal.


And that's fine. Sometimes, you have to go forth and do what is best for your team and your dream rather than putting everything on hold for the sake of making someone who doesn't get you happy. 


I know! 

It hurts. It hurts to see them trying to hurt you, but girl I have to tell you

YOU and YOUR DREAM are BIGGER than any amount of sass out there.


Don't hold back, beautiful. You're worth more than that.



2. Relationships are NOT and should NEVER BE transactional.

Getting started in business is kind of terrifying. You're meeting people at the speed of light, and you'll find that many of them may not seem like they have potential to benefit your business. 

But hey wait!

That's no reason to write them off or ignore their cause. 


Those people who may feel 'irrelevant' are still people of value, and the most successful people I have met in and out of my industry reflect this in their every day life!

One of my best friends (oh! and my go-to business guy!!!) is a MULTI MILLIONAIRE and he knows and remembers E V E R Y O N E. I'm not even kidding! Once we were talking a walk around New York, and he stopped to say hello to the snow plowers because he remembered speaking with them! Networking is NEVER a 9-5 job!!!

Find value in people simply because they are people. Everyone you meet has had a childhood, dreams, family, friends, and a whole life on top of that!!


And hey!

Just because something doesn't appear to have a benefit doesn't mean you'll never benefit from them. You never know what's gonna come next!



 3. The Alternate definition of "competitors"

Okay so we know you've got competitors regardless of what industry you're in. And I know how hard it is when you're in a constant struggle for the same audience, the same attention and the same share of the industry BUT that's no reason to butt heads over it. 


The stakes are high, but your ethics are higher. 


Never treat someone badly because you're competitors. In fact, never treat them just-okayish either! Your friendship circle isn't stagnant, and it doesn't hit limits! 


You don't have to let them know your next move or your Google Drive password. But it is great to befriend other people in your industry! You never know what could happen. They could be working for you in the future, so don't cut ties with a competitor. Open the floor!


4. You're only underqualified if you let yourself believe it

Studies show that women are MUCH less likely to ask for a raise or a promotion than men because we don't give ourselves the credit we deserve. A man who is underqualified for a position is more likely to ask for a promotion and adapt once he gets there, whereas a qualified women is more likely to keep quiet because she thinks she isn't ready for it until she is super secured in her belief in herself. 


Hmmmmm yeah, no.


You're going to encounter SO many opportunities to take leaps of faith in your career. And that's scary!

It's human nature to take one look and decide "hmm that looks daunting. Maybe I'm not ready" but girl...

You are ready when you convince yourself you are.



Own up to it, accept that it will be a challenge, and be prepared to learn fast! That's how it goes! 

Things like this are 95% mental. If you have the willpower to do something, and you say "Yes I can" then you are unstoppable.


Take the risk, and try it. Try again and again. Don't stop till you're proud!





So ladies, what do you think? Any surprises? Any changes in perspective?

I hope this helps you to recognize your ability so you can step up your game and SLAY!!!! 


You've got this, beautiful!


XOXO Darbie



Darbie Angell

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