Fall Favorite Candles!!

Fall Favorite Candles You Will Want to Put in EVERY Room in Your House!!

I loveeeeee when my house smells good, especially when I'm having guests over! And I love having candles burning when I am hosting because I know that the fresh scents will be constant the whole night- that's one less thing that I have to worry about when hosting a bunch of people over!! 


Obviously fall and wintertime have two of the biggest holidays that invite BIG family parties. Fall candles create the perfect scene to the holiday!! Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are perfect times to whip out that guest book, invite some friends and family over, cook a FABULOUS meal, andddd have your favorite candle out ;-)


So here are some of my top fall candles that I love setting out as this season is coming up: 


1. Illume: Rustic Pumpkin Ceramic Candle

2. Yankee Candle: Autumn Wreath

3. NEST Fragrances: Pumpkin Chai Candle

4. Illume: Cider Woods

5. Bath and Body Works: Sweater Weather

6. Wiltshire Berry Candle: Berries, Plum, and Pink Peppercorn

7. Voluspa: Baltic Amber Candle (one of my FAVORITE brands!!)

8. Amouage Silk Road

9. Voluspa: Persimmon & Copal

10. Illume Candles: Woodfire Luxe Sanded Mercury Glass


These candles don't only have the BEST smell, but they go perfect with the weather and the time of the year, AND they last SO LONG. I am a BIG fan of candles that burn for a long time... I hate when I burn a candle for a couple of hours and half the candle is gone, that is such a bummer, so I made sure that I gave y'all only the best of the best so that you aren't wasting money!!


Plus, since the weather is getting cooler, candles give off a great feeling of warmth, even though they don't actually put off enough heat to make you warmer ;-)


I have already bought a few of these amazing candles, and will for sure be purchasing the others because the party invites are going out and holidays are coming up SOON!!!! 


Now go get those candles and start smelling those wonderful scents all across your home!!




Darbie Angell

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