Empowering the World

So recently I was asked to host an AMA panel, or Ask Me Anything. This website is SUPER fun to look at because people will tell you who they are and open up the floor for any questions you can possibly think of!!! Naturally, I spent all my time asking about business and travel bloggers... Almost booked a ticket to Thailand!


The number one thing people asked me about was HOW to empower women. This is SOOO exciting to me, because giving women a voice is my biggest passion in and outside of business. I'm so proud of these individuals seeking to lift up others!!!


But how do you actually inspire others? 

Empowerment isn't a one way singular path. It's a journey through a mountain range. You can go anyway you want and make your own path! It also never ends. There's no breaks from it either. It goes beyond the workplace because there's never a place where people don't need to be inspired. 


It starts with Y O U.

How are you living your life? What does your everyday look like? Are you happy? Are you living the fullest life you can? Others will look up to you naturally if they can see that you are genuinely living your best life. 

Now, take a look around you. Chances are, you put yourself around the people you choose for a reason. Think about why you hire the people you do. Let them know it! If you admire something someone is doing, LET THEM KNOW! It's SO simple. Being genuine in your complements is vital, and it's so easy when you acknowledge something you find truly beautiful. 

Look at their actions, see what they can do and build them up! Even if it's just a little pat on the back, those things can go SUCH a distance when you do it every day! 


The biggest impact you can make is to truly change one individual's life. If you can do more, great! But in changing one person, they will impact everyone around them, making a chain reaction. My goal is to make deep impacts on all the women I have the blessing to work with. I keep myself constantly in the mindset of building up others so that all the women around me are growing more every day I spend with them. 


Keep an open heart, and say it! Speak up and watch them grow, one piece of encouragement at a time. 


Let's empower the world!!!!


XOXO Darbie





Darbie Angell

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