Edible Flowers Ft. ProFlowers!

Meals are easily enhanced with a few simple ingredients. Sauces, seasoning Yes! Styling dishes with flowers is a unique way to liven up any dish. Imagine your guests enjoying floral popsicles and flower-infused spreads during your next dinner party or backyard barbecue. Flowers are used to enhance sweets, complement savory eats and even elevate your favorite cocktails.

ProFlowers created a beautiful guide for choosing and decorating dishes with fresh (and safe!) edible flowers to get you started on your floral journey. This all-in-one guide includes a list of edible flowers (with notes for flavors and suggested uses), a styling guide for different dishes and safety tips to help you pick the best florals for your next recipe.


Credit to ProFlowers



Credit to ProFlowers



WOW!!! These are absolutely amazing. Shout out again to ProFlowers for this awesome guest post! You can see the article on their site here!






Darbie Angell

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