Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! -- Lemon Table Decor

Okay this is kind of a weird question, but are lemons trendy? Can lemons even be trendy? I feel like I keep seeing them everywhere, but they weren't this popular until just recently. 

Regardless, I love them! They're bright and colorful, and lemon juice makes everything taste better. They should be in style all year if you ask me! 
Anyway, Table and Dine has this AWESOME lemon infused table decor theme. I'm really loving it! They take something awesome and make it AMAZING!!!


This is SO neat! I love the use of the gingham print and a bold lemon printed place setting. They pull it together with a crisp white table runner. Love that!



   And of course lemon pastries! You can't pull this theme off without lemon cookies :)



Lemons in vases! Who knew?! We do it with water all the time, why not do it for our flowers?



And of course actual lemon infusion in drinks! 



Love this so much! Especially with the pink lemonade margaritas. Perfection is served!

I hope y'all enjoyed! I better stock up on lemons now! 


      XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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