Easter Eggs for the Egg-nostics

Okay, so I used to think decorating easter eggs was just a fun thing to do with kids, but Martha Stewart has brought them to a whole new level. 

Use your imagination, and decorate your heart out, then you can use easter eggs to decorate almost any Spring event! Here are a few ideas from Martha Stewart! 



Gingham eggs! Who would have thought? These are real neat, and you can make them by recycling your hubby's old shirts. Just cut them into strips and glue them to the eggs for a chic, sweet, picnic-esque style for your table.


I looooove marble prints. They're classic and classy! You can make these by painting the eggs with a light base coat of color, then by putting plastic baggies on your hands, dipping them in coconut oil, then gently passing the eggs from one hand to the other until it gets that perfect marble print. 


To make the speckled-freckled eggs, paint on a base coat, then dip a paintbrush in coconut oil, and flick the bristles at the egg so it does a kind of splatter-paint over the color. 



And little decal eggs! These are so precious. There's probably a thousand ways to do these, the easiest being just buying actual decals, or you can jump some extra hoops to get bragging rights over homemade decals. 



I think these are just the sweetest things. Lace easter eggs! These are pretty straightforward. Wrap the eggs in lace and secure them with rubber bands, then dye the eggs accordingly, take off the lace, let them dry and you're all done. Simple and pretty! 


I hope all you egg-nostics are believers now! I know I am! 


       XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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