Dress Up your Drinks!!!

Cocktails are meant to look fabulous. 


There's no other way to do it. You put so much time into pouring the drinks JUST right and making them taste fabulous, so why not reflect that on the outside too??

Food staging is ALWAYS a high priority of mine when I am hosting events, meetings or parties, and the drinks should be JUST as important- if not more!!!


Pretty glasses are always a must, but what happens after the drinks are poured? You worked HARD on making those, so it's only fitting that you make them look just as good as they taste!!!

That's why I dress them up! There are SO many things you can do with your drinks to give them that extra pop they deserve. Here's my guide on how to dress your cocktails to the nines :-)


  image from Table + Dine


image from Table + Dine 


It's all in the presentation y'all! I ALWAYS keep a bar cart or a pretty tray handy. Mirrored surfaces are my favorite because it keeps your color scheme going no matter what kind of drink you're serving! It also keeps everything together, and makes serving a thousand times easier!


 image from Table + Dine


OH. And the flower. I LOOOOOOOVE flowers. I always keep a pretty accent flower in my drinks! Usually I shoot for one that's just slightly darker in color than the drink I am serving :-)



Use those ice cubes too! If it have a function, why not make it pretty too? I LOVE these over-sized square ice cubes. It gives it a vintage touch, and the men at the party don't give you a dirty look for serving them something pink with flowers in it... LOL!



These kind of crack me up... They're edible orchids! YES! EDIBLE!!! You can actually eat them, and honestly... They're not bad? I wouldn't go out of my way to try one, but it is an interesting talking point! 

If you want to try out the Bourbon and Blackberry cocktail we used this on, check out my post on it here!



OMG this Watermelon Vodka cocktail from Sourced Cocktails was AMAZING!!! I love the unique shapes they use in their fruits. They got this perfectly spherical watermelon chunk by using an ice cream scoop to carve it out. Who would have thought?!?!? 

OH also you can steal our recipe from the guest blog we did together here! ;-)



A super simple way to dress up your cocktails is to leave whole fruits in it, and to take one, make a cut half way down the center with a sharp knife, and use the cut to mount it on the edge of your glass. It's super quick and ALWAYS cute!!!




Darbie Angell

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