DIY Sangria Bar!!

DIY Sangria Bar!!

Trying to pump in a little more creativity at your parties but don't know where to start?? I've had the same thoughts.... and what I have found out was that giving some options and creativity to your guests is a way to create some fun, even for adults!! You never know what your friends are going to come up with!


I am sharing this awesome idea that I found to make a DIY Sangria Bar with all sorts of fun topping to allow each of your guests to create their own little spin on such a yummy drink!



The Fashionable Hostess is somewhere I go for only the greatest ideas for creating the most perfect party, because lets be real... She has some of the best ideas!! 


As I have said before... finding new drink ideas to share with some of my girlfriends is so fun because sometimes we all come together with different recipes that we have found (and loved) and give each other new ideas!! I mean we are all besties, so basically if my friends like it, I will probably will too ;-)



This is one of the ideas that I brought to my girls to share and they LOVED the idea of getting to garnish your own drink with whatever is your favorite!! This little tip can be great for multiple DIY bars for any drink that is made! It creates the fun of even trying new things in your drink you may not usually add... 


Sipping on new drinks is something I love. I think I know for a fact that my taste buds just love anything and EVERYTHING I put in my mouth! Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but I just try not to think about that part too much :-) 


Maybe bring this idea to your best girlfriends and see what they think about it too!! :-) Enjoy!!





Darbie Angell

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