Day 3,789 of running my Business

Day 1 of my business started in a hospital bed when I went into labor 20 weeks early with my first daughter. I decided if she was going to learn to follow her dreams and live the best version of her life, it would only be because she watched as I lived mine


Day 3,789 (roughly) began in the Starrett- Leigh building (only my favorite creative space in the world) that overlooks the Hudson River in NYC with an Americano and the most talented creative team!!! 

Every day of my life since Day 1 in the hospital has been the most amazing whirlwind! All of the hard days and long nights...YEP...I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!!!

Those hard days made me the girl that isn't afraid to R I S E up for my daughters, myself, and other women in need. And those AMAZING days of working with the greatest creative minds and executives... those days I pause and take in the moment, because I dared to live the best version of my life.

Making my craziest dreams come true EVERY DAY! 

Darbie Angell

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