Cutest DIY Decor Ideas


I LOVE those clever Pinterest tutorials on how to DIY your own decor. There are just SO many ideas out there, and I wish I had time to do them all! 

Luckily, my fellow Pinteresters understand that nobody has time to spend months on decorations for a single party. I love how simple many of the crafts are! It's quick and cute! 

I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you for your next party, or for you to keep handy for your dinner table.



I love these moss-bowls! They're chic and simple. It's easy to put together, and you can reuse them throughout the year! 



Floating flowers never get old. Just wrap a tiny ring of bubble wrap beneath the bloom, then just add water! 



Photo booths are SO much fun to use! And they're fun to make too! Once you find a clothes rack, or some good wall space to use as your frame, you can use paper, or material to drape across the background. After you have the basics out of the way, you can add greenery, glitter, balloons, or even christmas lights to give it that extra bit of flare.



Coffee filter flowers are SO quick and easy! You can even do these with kids! They're less permanent, but it's an easy and affordable way to bring your party together. 



I LOVE gold. LOVE it! Dipping leaves, flowers, or really any part of a plant in gold is a super speedy way to make the ordinary extraordinary! And don't stop at the party invitations! You can do this with larger things like tree branches and scatter them across the tables, walls, and wherever else needs a little love.


I'm feeling crafty! Time to stock up on gold paint and flowers! 


      XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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