Confession I Had the WORST Travel Blues! But I Solved It :-)

Travel babes of the world,

I’ve got a confession to make. The experiences I have when traveling for work are electric to best describe them.  From landing and having police escorts through the country, bomb checks to seeing and hearing heart breaking sights.  To say the least they aren't what we normally experience here in the States so my mind and body are functioning at such a level that its hard to come down from it all immediately.

That is when it all changed and I had that light bulb moment.  I was trying to go from 100 mph and shift back to normal and its just impossible not to have "travel blues" after that. When I first started traveling to 3rd world countries I would come back and for a solid 2 weeks I would have the hardest time being back in my normal life.  Everything from driving, filling my glass with water with ease, walking through the city without watching my back the list goes was hard.  So I decided on my next trip to take 2 days on the way home and hit a new destination that would create another experience.  A totally different feeling. To decompress if you will.  IT WORKED! 

Taking those two days in a different city on the way home was a game changer.  I typically don't plan it out very well till I am about to land in the decompression city but it always turns out perfectly!!! From Surfing down the sand dunes, camel rides through a desert, swimming in pools by the ocean, shish-a bars, sketching in mosques...the list goes on!!!


I felt so guilty the first time taking those extra 2 days and not being home with my girls but it is so worth it because when I come home I'm present in a way that I need to be for them!  BEST decision ever!!!



Darbie Angell

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