Confession Alert: I am OBSESSED with Florals!

Okay, so I think I might have an actual problem. 

I think I am ADDICTED to florals!!! Anytime I scroll through a flower-filled photo (say that ten times fast) on Instagram or Pinterest, I HAVE to stop and look at it. Even if I am in a hurry, I'll completely lose my focus for a second just to admire the flowers. 

Does this happen to anyone else too? 

Well, if it does, I want to share my favorite prints (that I actually TOOK THE TIME TO SAVE!) with you, so if we have a problem, at least we know we're not alone. 








This blog post would have gotten done in half the time if I hadn't spent so much time just staring at these flowers!


Does anyone know how to cure a flower addiction?

          XOXO - Darbie

Darbie Angell

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