Calculated Risks and Coconuts :-)

OK guys I am all for a great adventure but only after I have run over the risks for whatever I am about to do.  One other piece of information before I tell you what this all has to do with coconuts is that Bangladeshi's will ALWAYS say everything will be okay... EVEN when everything will most certainly NOT be okay lol.  


OK ... so the coconuts...


We pull up to a rest stop which I may point out was the first one in 4 hours and we needed a bathroom terribly at this point!  Not only did we find a restroom but we also found a coconut stand!!!  

Fresh coconuts... UUUUMMMMM YES and PLEASE!  After watching the boy cut them open with his sharp machete Tanvir that was on the journey with us said "Go ahead cut one open."  You can see the exact moment actually that he is telling me this in the picture below...and you also see my face sizing up the well as Rebekah wondering if I will proceed. 



SO lesson when traveling abroad...EVEN when someone tells you it will be fine you must trust your gut.  AND if they are you telling its going to be fine 24-7 chances are you can figure out pretty quickly that thats impossible. lol

After trying a few whacks and realizing that it actually takes a lot of force to even chip part of the coconut away I decided if I wanted to keep designing I needed all of my fingers :-) 



Sadly I have no future in preparing coconuts to be sipped....

BUT I will gladly stop and drink one of two along the path!!! 



And so will the whole crew :-) 



Oh how I am missing those small villages at this moment!




Darbie Angell

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