So who here is tired of generic business meetings?


... Me too! 

That's why I make everything into a party! I mean break out the cake, cocktails, and flower crown bar!!! It makes everything so much more fun for everyone. 

SO, last week I had an interview with KVUE, an Austin-based news station. Rather than putting on a black pencil skirt and having black coffee over a legal pad, we had a house party like any normal business would do! 


Okay maybe we're not normal. 


But anyway, since it was brunch o'clock, we loaded up on pastries, fruits, and mimosas! And I mean we decked the whole place out! I wanted to share some pictures with you to inspire you for your next brunch party... or business meeting ;-)



With so many new guests, it can be a hassle to accommodate everyone's preferences and dietary restrictions. That's why I get an assortment of all sorts of pastries! Everybody wins, plus, how cute is this?!?!



The essentials! Fruits, vegetables, and mimosas!




If you're having a brunch without bagels, is it even a brunch at all?



Artisan bread gives it that homey touch -- and makes your place smell FANTASTIC!!!



Blessings from my table to yours!



Darbie Angell

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