Bright Earthy Picnic!

Hey! So I LOVE color, especially from flowers, fruits, and other natural elements. This Earthy Picnic from Camille Styles' blog is simply amazing! I love it! 

This color scheme is inspiring me to break out the produce and my favorite sandals :)



Florals and produce, y'all! Especially when framed on a rustic wooden pizza board, and other rustic wooden settings, these colors just POP! 


These dishes are too pretty to eat! I am loving this! 



Just looking at this dessert, I'm getting a farm-to-table vibe. Maybe it's just the flowers and mason jar, but those berries feel fresh just looking at them! 



When in doubt, add more flowers! 



   Send us pictures of your floral picnics! :)


                XOXO - Darbie


Darbie Angell

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