Best Podcasts for Self Growth

My business/life coach has got me on this meditation hike and honestly, I think I have become obsessed with self-growth. 


Once you open your eyes up to the possibilities out there, you find yourself completely encompassed by an endless ocean of knowledge and opportunity! It's AMAZING!!!


To build off of my self reflection, I've been listening to podcasts to continue pushing myself to understand the world around me more and to grow as a person. 

The way I see it, you can push for everything. You have the ability to pick up the reigns to your own life and drive. You can remain still, or you can drive yourself forwards, and this applies to everything! 

ESPECIALLY self-growth. Consciousness is key! Once you make the choice to TRY and experience new things, you grant yourself the ability to BECOME the best version of yourself. 


So come with me on this journey! You're in the drivers seat, so let's accelerate onward!


1. The Art of Charm

This podcast is one of my favorites of all time! What started out as a podcast for guys seeking to pick up girls became a lifelong journey towards self-growth and how to truly wish for the best for others. They discuss what it means to be "high value," meaning how to contribute deeply to others around you and consistently make positive impacts on others! 

This is GREAT for business women seeking to be more impactful leaders. It teaches you how to listen. That's a LOT harder than it sounds, but these guys are so helpful! 


2. TED Radio Hour

This one is CRAZY insightful! 

TED Radio Hour focuses on SO many different topics out there, and they all draw conclusions to human nature in some way. I LOVE listening to anecdotes from people all over the world. 

My favorite episode is on creativity  and where it comes from. So often we think creative people are just gifted the way they are, but this podcast is a friendly reminder that we all have it within us, if only we teach ourselves how to be creative! 


3. The Minimalist Podcast

Okay... This one is a little eccentric but it also makes SO much sense! The Minimalist is all about decluttering your life and focusing on spending time with people rather than things! 

This has got me cleaning my life up... Oh! And my house too!! 


4. Meditation Minis

The first time I listened to this, it was in the car... and that was almost a BIG mistake! It is SO relaxing, make sure you aren't driving when you listen!!!!

It's a guided meditation in the form of a podcast. How neat is that!?!

I LOVE listening to these *BEFORE* heading off to meetings. It puts you in a great mindset and an even better mood!!!


5. Happier

You guys Gretchen Rubin is a KILLER boss lady. She is a psychologist who studies happiness! 

She really helped you to understand what is happiness and how we can get there. Anyone who has the will to be happy CAN get there. She helps you to find those gaps you need to fill to feel satisfied with your everyday! 

Also, she is a stellar author! 

I read her book The Happiness Project last year, and y'all it is HILARIOUS! It is written as if a friend is telling you stories, but it is SO good!



I hope you found this helpful and I hope you try at least one of these out! Put it on during your commute, or next time you go for a jog! You won't regret it!!!!


XOXO Darbie


Darbie Angell

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