Be Unapologetically YOU!

I need to talk to you about something...


Actually, I need to talk to you about you.




Girl, you are strong, beautifully crafted, created with God's grace, and you have experienced things and learned things from your unique perspective. NOBODY in this entire world is going to have your perspective, your knowledge, your expertise and most of all, your heart.

What lights your soul on fire with passion is what matters. And you doing what you love is SO important, because that's how you let your light shine!!!


The world needs people like you, and the world needs you to be you! Never ever EVER apologize for being who you are. There will be people out there who try and tear you down. It's unfortunate, but I truly think they do this because they haven't learned themselves to appreciate their own hearts, so they don't know how to handle yours. That has NOTHING to do with you or your beauty, so don't let it stop you!!!!


I want to challenge you this week. Do something that's outside of your comfort zone for the sake of embracing yourself and share your heart with the world around you. Post that selfie, start a blog, share that thing you created! Your passion and your heart is important and NEEDED by this world.

And who knows? Maybe once you do it, another woman in your shoes who hasn't found her voice yet might be inspired by you! By being yourself unapologetically, you're inspiring those around you to be themselves.


THAT'S amazing. It's not selfish at all. It's the opposite of selfishness actually!

I hope you find inspiration in this... Tell me when you've done it! I want to see you grow strong so we can raise each other up as a tribe!

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Darbie Angell

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