ATX Woman Crush Worthy Bloggers!

Sooo... Anyone who knows me knows that I am kind of instagram crazy. I LOVE scrolling through my feed and following new people! 

I get so much of my inspiration for my own lifestyle and content from bloggers of every kind... Fashion, food, travel I love it all!!!


A few of these girls are like CRAZY good. Their feed is always on point, their personalities are so upbeat and joyful and y'all. Their style. O M G.

Here's a few of my current favs :)





This girl is like legit my style goals. She covers everything from hair care to shopping on her blog and I am absolutely IN LOVE with her stuff! 

On top of that, she is always posting sweet pictures of her family and you can tell she really cares for her little girl. Her entire family is also INCREDIBLY stylish!!!




I LOVE her use of bold colors and bright prints! One thing that I really like about her feed is that she balances bold outfits with softer colors and pastels and it all looks SO beautiful! 

Currently loving her beachy style :) it totally brings out the fun in Summer!!!





Oh my gosh while I was scrolling through her site again just now, I almost bought this ADORABLE lemon print two-piece. I am a HUGE fan of bold prints and this girl has them 100% covered!!! Love it!!!!





Betsy shares my spirit for adventure! She is always sharing pictures of her going places in the CUTEST outfits! Her style is more neutral than the others and there's this classic kind of elegance that she has in all her photos... Love her!



Man, I could keep writing this FOREVER cause Austin is packed with talented bloggers! There girls are each amazing in their own ways, and I can't wait to be inspired by what they share next. 


Share with me some of your favorites! :-)




Darbie Angell

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