A Sweet-Tooth's guide to Brunching!

Major confession!!!


I have THE WORST sweet tooth ever. 


I mean seriously. Wherever I am, sweets seem to follow me... probably because I keep buying them!!


But it's true. This girl LOVES pastries waaaay too much. I always want to have sweet treats for breakfast, but my team can't handle that amount of sweetness in the early AM, so we settle to feed my addiction during brunch instead! 


SOOOO last Tuesday we decided to have another team brunch and I stopped everyone before we dug in to take a photo... but then one photo ended up being a whole photo shoot... LOL!

I wanted to share it for all my ladies out there with a sweet tooth as bad as mine is! Let me know what your sweet secrets are too in the comments below ;-)



Peach season is my FAVORITE time of the year! I can finally eat something SUPER SWEET without ruining my diet. Absolutely LOVE these!!!



Just a little something healthy to balance out what's to come...



Testing out my floral collection, You Make Me Blush as well as my solid color base collection, Potter's Wheel in Pink :-)



Found these powdered jelly filled dougnuts at HEB, can you believe it?!?? They look GORGEOUS and it tasted H E A V E N L Y.



Passion fruit tea! YUMMMM. Served in our original collection, Monaco 24kt gold!



And of course since I was there, there were flowers EVERYWHERE...



We were TOTALLY stuffed by the end of brunch. It all tasted SOOO good!!! Thank goodness for sweets like these, and sweet people like my wonderful tribe of women that raise me up... and restrain me from eating all this by myself!!!!










Darbie Angell

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