Dinner is Better Together

I see how we live our lives to be the greatest piece of art one could invest in. How we set the table sets the stage for the best stories of our art.

And yet, in today's culture, we've lost the art of dining... It's SUCH a beautiful thing - to sit around a perfectly set table with the people we love. It's a place for conversation and laughter, connection and love. 

We've all seen the statistics that show that sitting down at the table with friends and family for a nightly meal increases happiness and helps alleviate depression. So why do we put it off?!


I want to challenge you today to bring back the art of dining.


Sit down at the table with family or friends. Don't look at your phone. Don't turn on your TV. Just be with the people you love.

I hope my pieces can help you do that. I hope they bring beauty to your table, so that all you have to bring are the people!




So cheers to the beautiful art of dining...



Darbie Angell

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