10 Tips for a Stress-less Vacation!!

Summer vacation has been on my mind lately!

I am so eager to get some time away on a beach or somewhere tropical with my girls! I know how chaotic and stressful vacations can be, especially having 2 little ones, but here are some things that I do to create a relaxing, fun vacation!

Although I have not quite planned my summer vacay yet (sadly) …I am going to share some of my most important vacation travel tips!! :-)

10 Summer Vacation Travel Tips:

1. Travel with an open mind

It is SO easy to go into a vacation with expectations and determination to hit every single place that has been recommended to you by friends, but it is important to keep an open mind when traveling.

Sometimes being spontaneous and unscheduled can be fun and exciting for you and your family!

2. Pack Smart

This is a HUGE thing, especially for families with younger kids. Being prepared is
one of the best feelings when traveling. 



3. Expect the unexpected

Building off of the last tip, there is simply NO WAY to be prepared for EVERYTHING, no matter how hard I try! So, another thing to be mindful of is to be prepared to expect the unexpected. We all know that vacations never go as smoothly as planned, so if you are already expecting some of those setbacks, things can go smoother and be much less stressful.



4. Hold on to the Memories

Make sure to have something- a phone, camera, etc. to make sure that you are capturing the greatest memories that you’re making on a summer vacation.

This is something SO important to me, because I love looking back at those photos and seeing the pure joy through my girls, and also I want to be able to show my girls one day- maybe when they may not remember that trip and share the great things we did.

5. Research your Vacation Spot

Researching is so helpful for finding the perfect vacation spot that fits well with your family! Making sure that locations, hotels, and restaurants are fitting for your family can make a vacation 10 times better!

I like to look up places on instagram to see what real people have to say about these places and to get a feel for the vibe each location gives off. The LAST thing you want to do is to find out about an intense drinking culture at your vacay destination after flying your kids across the world! 

Do your homework!!!!


6. Set A Vacation Budget

Spending waaay more on vacation then what you planned... well... We have all
been there…

So it is important to set a vacation budget and STICK TO IT. It's about holding on to the memories years after, not the debt!

One thing my friend told me she does is that she takes out her budget for her vacation in cash and divides it equally into envelopes. Each day, she takes out another envelope and once the cash is gone from the daily envelope, she cuts herself off. GENIUS!!!

7. Be Open

Allowing yourself to being open to new people and cultures can make your
vacation more enjoyable. Learning and observing from others around you can be a once in a lifetime chance, so soak it up!

8. Be present

It is so easy to be worrying about our vacation time being perfect and worth it,
but it can hinder you from having a good time. Being present in every moment will ensure you will create the best memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Soak in the sun and the good times :-)



9. Have a plan

Having a well thought out plan for not missing flights, and knowing where hotels and restaurants are key to having a smoother vacation trip.

I believe in having a plan to stay on top of things, but I am the type where you can find me on the beach soaking up the sun until I think I am ready to go inside; I am definitely that girl on island time!!!


This one is simple but it is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Having fun is the goal of a trip so make sure that this one is checked off the list!

These are just some of the things that help me plan the perfect summer vacation and help me ensure I will relax and have fun with my family.

Can’t wait to get my vacation planned!

Tell me your wisest vacation advice! Any crazy vacation stories? I'd LOVE to hear from you in the comments :-)


Happy travels!!!


XOXO Darbie

Darbie Angell

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