10 Tailgating Tips!

One of the tell tale signs of Fall is...pun intended...tailgating! 

If you're anything like us Texans, then tailgating is a big deal. The smell of burgers cooking, the sound of fans cheering, and the feeling of friends all getting together is so special in my heart. But tailgating can be stressful if you're not prepared! So, I've come up with my 10 top tips for making this football season the best tailgating yet.



1. Pack the night before. If you want to get the best tailgating spot before someone else snags it, then you don't want to be rushing the morning of. Pack the night before to make that race to set up a whole lot easier.


2. Refrigerate your beverages before putting them in the cooler. Ice in your cooler lasts longer if it has less work to do! So make sure your beverages are already cold before putting them in the cooler. You could even freeze water bottles - then they'll become like a giant ice cube for your cooler!


3. Bring plates and silverware to your tailgate in a plastic bin with a lid. If you're like me, sometimes you want cuter plates than the paper ones from the grocery store. I always being my own dinnerware for the tailgate, and then seal it tightly on the way home in a plastic bin so that the dirty dishes don't get everywhere.


4.  Always bring duck tape! Almost every tailgate problems can be solved with duct tape, hand sanitizer, or a permanent marker, so come prepared.


5. Bring sunscreen. At any tailgate, most people forget how easy it is to get burned! Before you know it, your sunscreen to become everyone’s sunscreen. So bring extra!


6. Freeze the burger patties. Form burger patties the night before and freeze them between wax paper to save time. Then throw them straight on the grill at your tailgate.


7. Say no to puffy tailgate burgers. You might already know this grilling secret, but use your thumb to make an indent on top of your patties before grilling. It'll keep the burgers from puffing in the middle, and they’ll even out as they cook.


8. First aid first. Please remember to pack a first aid kit!! Bringing a mini first-aid kit is not only a necessity for safety, but you never know when there might be some tailgating mishaps that need to be tended to.


9. Know what’s more fun than postgame traffic? Postgame tailgating!! Why only tailgate once when you can tailgate twice AND miss traffic. It's the perfect way to finish off leftover food, relive your favorite game moments, and unwind before making your way home. It's a win win!


10. HAVE FUN!!! Don't stress too much. It's a tailgate! It's meant to be fun! So sit back, enjoy the game, and cheer loud!




Darbie Angell

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